Project participation

Project steps

  1. Do you meet the project participantion criteria? If YES..
  2. Apply for membership. First ensure you read the PROJECT TERMS
  3. The MacDougall DNA Research Project Coodinator will order and pay for the Y-DNA test on your behalf.
  4. You will receive the DNA testing kit from the test company, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) or directly from the project coodinator.
  5. Complete the test and send it back to FTDNA.
  6. You will receive a password to access you FTDNA Dashboard where results are posted. Test results typically take around 6 weeks to be processed.
  7. FTDNA will be email you once your results have been posted on your Dashboard.
  8. Your kit will have been enrolled by the Coordinator in the general MacDougall Project at FTDNA and you will be able to see your results alongside other MacDougalls.
  9. More importantly, as a participant in the MacDougall DNA Research Project, the Project Coordinator will examine your results in detail. He will look for ancestral patterns and genetic markers that may point to: the historical location of your patrilineal ancestor, including possible affiliation to particular MacDougall family lines. This is a key objective of this funded research.


Please fill out this form. The form will collect information necessary in order to send out the test kit.

Project application

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