Project Description

Using Y-DNA to explore the history of the Clan MacDougall

Aims of the project

The MacDougall DNA Research Project aims to strengthen Clan MacDougall bonds and fellowship through the following objectives:

(a) Identify the Y-chromosome signature (the paternal tree) of different MacDougall lineages.

(b) Through (a), help test-takers to establish the likeliest location where their earliest MacDougall ancestors would have lived.

(c) Through (a), help test-takers to establish how they are connected to other test takers and to the Clan as a whole, using both genealogical and DNA evidence.

The MacDougall DNA Research Project is an independent study and is not affiliated with any organization.

Who can take part?

The project is open to men who carry the MacDougall surname or a variant spelling of the name. The Y-chromosome is only passed from a father to his son, who in turn passes it to his son. The inheritance pattern of the Y-chromosome therefore makes it ideal for tracking the ancestry of male lineages and identifying linkage between test takers. As women do not have a Y-chromosome, any female who would like to join the project should ask a male relative bearing the surname to take the test.

MacDougall surname

Individuals with the following variant spellings of the MacDougall surname are invited to participate:

Dougal, Dougald, Dougall, MacDougald, MacDougall, McCoull, McDougal, McDougall, McDugle.

Y-DNA testing can:

  • identify to which MacDougall lineage you belong
  • overcome genealogical brickwalls
  • help identify the location where your MacDougalls came from
  • help explore your medieval MacDougall origins

Free Y-chromosome DNA test

For a limited period, the MacDougall DNA Research Project will cover the costs of Y-DNA testing for individuals who meet the research project criteria: male and bearing the MacDougall surname or a variant spelling. The test being offered initially is a 37 marker Y-DNA test.

The testing company we use is Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). It is the only one in the world that has suitable tests for our purposes and also has a project to manage the results of participants.  The results of your Y-DNA test will be automatically joined to the MacDougall DNA Project at FTDNA.

To learn more and find out how to take part please visit our FREE DNA TEST page.

MacDougall DNA Project at Family Tree DNA

Dunollie Castle image – marsupium photography / CC BY-SA